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Quotation :our operating processes 

At the house ofBio Bat Iso, we are committed to providing you with a detailed and free estimate. We remain available to guide you in choosing the aid available to you and thus advise you as best as possible to make your home isolated and secure. 


Contact us by email or phone to explain your insulation project. 


We agree on a mandatory appointment, following which we will send you a detailed quote according to your needs. 


We agree on a second appointment to carry out your work of insulation and thus give you the invoice in person.


We remain at your disposal for your post-insulation questions or for other projects. 

Products:our materials used
Cellulose wadding: our favorite biosourced material

The main role of thermal insulation is to limit heat transfer through the walls of the building. An insulator is chosen according to its thermal resistance, to ensure the energy efficiency of the building. At the house ofBio Bat Iso, we mainly work withCellulose wadding, eco-sourced and bio-sourced raw material. 

Mineral rock wool

Rock wool is an insulating material made from Basalt, resulting from volcanic activity (basalt). It is a certified insulator for thermal and sound insulation.

Wool and wood fibers

Wool and wood fiber have a very good thermal phase shift. This makes it possible to attenuate the extreme temperature thresholds according to the day/night rhythm. 

Carding blowers

Our carder-blowers can apply all types of bulk insulation. Our models can insulate from 40 to 120m2 per hour. The blower-carder decompacts the cellulose wadding before carding it, then transports it through a blower pipe to its spreading location.

Spotlight covers

Our protective spot covers are standardized. They are provided with mandatory fire protection to prevent direct contact with the insulation, in other words the Cellulose wadding. 

Biosourced thermal insulation

Why insulate your house well, explanations:  

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